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John & Bernadette McCall started photographing what they loved, which was the intimacy of being a couple.  Their strength was in the passion they felt for each other and their love for family, so with both in mind, how do you create nude art that can be viewed by all.

Wedding Sessions

Choosing a sensual wedding photographer can be one of the most important decisions you make. Considering how delicate of a photo shoot this can be, you want to be sure you choose someone with a great reputation and who you connect with best.

Studio Shoots

At Lover’s Art, we understands the importance of that decision and how essential it is that the photos reflect the vision and essence of yourself. Our goal is to to uplift  our clients and make you feel gorgeous, confident and unique.

Beauty Photos

The common thread throughout all of our professional photography is a commitment to the making everyone feel beautiful and confident. Our photographers have captured a variety of ladies and each lady’s own brand of “sexy”.

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