Commission Personal Art

Looking to create personal Art for you walls – or even for just your enjoyment – you can commission John & Bernadette to capture your unique sensuality as personal art.  There is no better night then when you enjoy the experience with a lover.

For limited scheduling both in Key West as well as on location

Lovers Art | Nude Art | Wall Art

As far as our process-  when we arrive at your location – or you arrive at our location – we usually have a glass of wine – or favorite refreshment and to get to know each other for 20 minutes  – since our approach is to capture your sensuality – rather than ours or just poses – this allows you to get comfortable and allows us to gain some information to start the creative process …

then we start to shoot – we take our time and enjoy the process – the more fun you or both of you are having the better the photos

  • Will your photos ever be posted or on our website? – We do not use your personal photos in any way (we don’t show them to other couples interested in shoots, we don’t post, put on our website, etc) without a signed release from you
  • Who will shoot? – we are a team so both John and I will be present – this really works well as I see it as a woman and he sees it as a man and so you get a blend of both eye’s – and because we have photographed from the beginning together – we feed off of each other in creativity
  • How many Photos –  there will be photos that you will have fun looking at but will keep for your eyes only – and then there will be the ART photos – you will receive a series of photos – usually 50 plus – that you will select from for your artwork – you will get a link (password protected) that will have all the fully edited – full size images – that you can download from – these are your photos – you can do as you like with them.
  • Where to shoot? – we have a few select Key West hotels that work ideally for our shoot – H2O Suites – Ocean Key Resort Suites – to name a few – so just let me know where you will be staying or intend to stay and I will offer option – having us come to your hotel really makes a difference as after the shoot we depart and you are in your suite to enjoy the after glow OR we can shoot in our home studio (outside Key West – I have a list of hotels for major cities that are ideal)
  • What to avoid? – sunburn lines – if you do get lines – then let’s schedule professional make up – the service I use works with air brush techniques that can assist in hiding sun lines and or tatoos
  • How you prepare? – I always suggest that couples get ready like you would to go out to a fine restaurant for dinner – primp and prep in that way so you feel sexy – hair/make up does not have to be done professionally (but if that is your preference I can schedule – $150)
  • What to wear ? – again dress for our arrival in what makes you feel sexy – avoid tight fitting straps etc. so that whether partial or full nudity we do not have lines.
  • What to bring? – any jewelry, accessories (chain belts or belly chains), sexy shoes (spikes are better than wedges), lingerie, scarfs, boots, etc. OR nothing… as the art is more about the energy of sensuality than the outfit.
  • Who do we shoot? – any age (over 21) is appropriate – any sex is appropriate – individuals are appropriate – we are all sensual beings and being able to see what that looks like is a very powerful moment.  We have photographed same sex couples – heterosexual couples – single men – single women – as well as transgender -(our eldest client was 85 years old and we created a stunning over-sized canvas for their home) and for each we approach the shoot in a fun, intimate and creative way.
  • How long is the shoot? – expect a 2 to 2 1/2 hour window – we prefer to enjoy the process and allow it to unfold rather than rushing – each couple is unique and so finding your sensual side and our eye at it should develop through out the shoot.
  • Time of Shoot? – we can shoot day or night in the hotel room or in our Studio – we prefer natural light – and find most couples prefer late afternoon – ending at sunset – then you can enjoy some time together when we depart – and head out on to Duval for fun.

so the long and short of it is – it should be a sexy – fun – enticing evening – and one of the most unique experiences of your life…

Once we schedule the date – we will discuss your preferences  – so between now and then you can have fun getting ready for the shoot 🙂
Price of the shoot is $900 with a 20×30 Metal Floating Artwork – or – $650 Shoot Only