Change Log for KingSize WordPress v4.0.3

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As always, we thank you for your patience while we addressed all the discovered issues/bugs. We believe we’ve addressed them all and are in hopes this will be the last bug fix released until we’ve released version 4.1 which will include many of the new features requested in recent weeks.

So with that said, let’s take a few minutes to review the many changes and fixes released in version 4.0.3.

Complete File Change Log

There have been numerous files update, in order of structure, these are the following files that have been modified in version 4.0.3:

In total, there were 45 files modified in the update for version 4.0.3 and 2 new files added (marked above). As you can see, this is a very large update that contains a lot of fixes, adjustments and a few new options to make various things a little easier and more convenient for buyers.

In short, we’ve fixed and completed:

As you can see a lot of new features have been added to accommodate buyers requests. The biggest feature being added is the ability to disable Timthumb and use WordPress’s native/default image resizing options. This is a new option added to “Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings”. A drop-down selection has been provided that you can simply select which option to use and that would immediately be applied.

Instructions on Updating:

As always, we cannot stress enough the importance of making backups. PLEASE BACKUP FIRST!

For complete update details, please read “How to Update“.