Visit Better Than Sex

John & Bernadette McCall’s Lover‘s ART  sensual fine art nudes can be enjoyed when you book a reservation at Better than Sex.  Is there a better way to enjoy cocktails and dessert with a lover?

When you’re looking for some sexy time, what’s your idea of a romantic night out? A quiet, private table for just the two of you? Where it’s refreshingly cool, dimly lit, with candles reflected in crystal chandeliers, shadows flickering against brocade walls framed by velvet curtains? With a curated soundtrack playing in the background to set the perfect mood? If that sounds appealing, imagine the most sensuously sinful, deliciously decadent desserts you can think of, or even some you haven’t— like a chocolate-rimmed glass of Merlot—and you will have an idea of what to expect at Better Than Sex. So stop imagining and see for yourself why Better Than Sex Key West keeps collecting awards as the Best Romantic Restaurant and is Key West’s top pick for a Sexy Night Out.  And now, we’re twice as Better – indulge yourself in Key West AND Orlando – with new locations opening nationwide.


Click “Better Than Sex” to reserve a date to one of the best nights you’ll ever have.