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John & Bernadette McCall started photographing what they loved, which was the intimacy of being a couple. Their strength was in the passion they felt for each other and their love for family, so with both in mind, how do you create nude art that can be viewed by all. Little by little with this in mind they learned the art of form, shadow and storytelling through just one image. They opened their first gallery in Key West on Simonton Street and within a year they were so popular that they moved to Duval Street where they manned their gallery for over 5 years with great success also began to photograph individual couples who commissioned them to create their own personal art. Although their gallery was quite popular and successful they found they were not doing what they loved all day – Photographing. So with that in mind the expanded their skills to photographing couples in all aspects of their lives – and continued their commissioned “Lover’s Art”.

Their passion for couples intimacy and their breath of work continues to grow without a brick and mortar gallery. Collected worldwide here are some of their most popular pieces and can be purchased (signed and numbered) – we also provide custom formats if interested please request a link to their full catalog and price sheet.

Senses at Play’s Fine Art Sensual Art can be enjoyed when visiting any of the Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurants Nationwide. book a reservation.